The Healing Chef

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Meet the chef: integrative teaching

Saifon Plewtong is the Chef/Owner of True Seasons Organic Kitchen, a Certified Gluten Practitioner, co-founder of The Free Pantry and JesusHarvest.Life, and owner of a respiratory company for nearly a decade. Saifon offers one on one wellness coaching in hopes of sharing her insights on overcoming personal health issues. Through a life-changing process rooted in Biblical truths, she will encourage you to take the simple and straightforward steps to become a stronger, healthier you. Saifon’s approach to healing can help reverse chronic health conditions and prevent diseases. With 35+ years of personal experience in healing, she knows once you give your body the right conditions your body will heal itself.

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The journey begins. Unlearn what you've been told and discover for yourself why you're not getting better. Believe the impossible: the chronic conditions you struggle with can be reversed and your body repaired, rebuilt with strength, able to prevent any return diseases. The JHL diet is a journey to healing your gut. It is the secret code to unlocking the simple truth of God's design at work. Don’t keep doing the same things you've been doing - if it were going to help you, it would already have made you well.