The Healing Chef
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integrated healing with food


Hi, I'm Saifon, The Healing Chef.  I help people transform their lives by strengthening body, mind and spirit.


reverse chronic conditions

I personally reversed and conquered chronic health conditions using food and herbs.

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weight loss / anti-aging

I'll show you how to lose weight and keep it off. Also, learn natural ways to keep your mind and body sharp at any age.


unlearn what you've been told

If you give your body the right conditions, your body will heal itself. Don't let a crippling diagnosis control your life.


prebiotics & probiotics

Leaky gut, leaky brain: Use simple, natural ways to maintain a healthy gut microbiome.


nightshades / lectins

Learn how to prep and prepare foods to avoid getting hurt. Be fearless.


master YOUR  health

Learn how to revitalize your life and experience a new level of health with food



It doesn't matter what chronic condition you have. If you give the body the right conditions, the body will heal itself. The truth doesn't change.


Whole salt, vital for life, from around the world.


meet Saifon

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Integrative Healing

Saifon Plewtong is a restauranteur, philanthropist, and with an upcoming book in publication, soon-to-be author. However, she is best known as The Healing Chef: a health and wellness coach specializing in an approach she calls "integrative healing". Starting with her love and knowledge of food, she brings together nature's simple, timeless truths about our human design, along with the most useful implications from current scientific data, to unlock the true health of mind, body and spirit. Saifon's passion is to help others to achieve the highest levels of health and live to their utmost potential.